Москва, Россия

VI Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference

06 - 07 апр
48000-60000 ₽
Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference is well known for its rich, comprehensive and insightful agenda covering topics and themes truly essential for business; unique networking opportunities with top industry professionals and experts, government officials, current and potential clients and partners; thorough approach to creating a balanced audience truly representing all stakeholders in the industry.

The agenda of Cbonds Emerging Markets Bond Conference includes the following topics:
  • Global macro & fixed income panel;
  • Institutional investors panel;
  • DCM panel;
  • Domestic and international bond markets in EM countries;
  • Special sections: Russia, Ukraine, CIS and Caucasus region states.


Day 1 (06.04) 
08:30-09:00 Registration, morning coffee
09:00-09:10 Welcoming address
09:10-10:30 Macroeconomic and EM fixed income analysts panel

Questions to discuss:
- Monetary policy across developed markets and its impact on EMs. How will the Fed rate hike impact the EM Eurobond market? Further rate hike possibilities. The new president’s economic agenda and its implications for the Federal Reserve 
- The outlook for 2017: inflation, GDP, EM exchange rates. The BRICS countries: performance of macroeconomic indicators. 
- The implications of the new geopolitics – where are the risks for investors? 
- Key opportunities / investment ideas on EMs in 2017
- Brexit? The impact on Emerging Markets

10:30-11:30 Institutional investors panel

Questions to discuss:
- EM prospects in 2017. What are major risks / catalysts of growth? 
- Discussing performance in 1Q17 
- Appeal of markets, sectors and segments. Investment ideas 
- Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, - what are regions of your preference? What regions should be avoided?

11:30-12:00  Coffee break
12:00-13:30 DCM panel

Questions to discuss:
- Distinctive features of the EM Eurobond primary market in 1Q2017 and forecasts for 2017 
- Opportunities for euro denominated bond issuance taking into account the EU QE programme. What other currencies will be popular in 2017? Relative attractiveness of USD vs EUR vs niche markets (CHF, Asia, local currencies). 
- Risks to market access for EM issuers in 2017 (Brexit, oil prices, US interest rate hike, geopolitics) 
- Alternative capital: the rise of hybrid, green bonds

13:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-17:00 EM bond market

Questions to discuss:
- Emerging markets local debt: China, India, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Argentina 
- Is the expansion of the Chinese bond market laying a foundation for long term growth? 
- Local sovereign debt in Chile, Peru and Colombia 
- How do local currency markets make themselves more attractive to foreign investors?

19:00 Cocktail
Day 2 (07.04)
09:30-10:00 Morning coffee
10:00-11:30 Russian bond market

Questions to discuss: 
- Russia macro fundamentals 
- The Finance ministry’s comeback to the global market. Plans for external sovereign borrowings in 2017 
- Activity of Russian companies in the Eurobond market 
- Participation of Russian investment banks in arranging deals in the global market 
- Russian issuers in foreign local markets 
- The rating agency reform and the Russian bond market

11:30-12:30 CIS ans Caucasus region bond market

Questions to discuss: 
- Ukrainian, Armenian and Georgian local bond markets 
- Expectations for 2017: interest rates, risks, liquidity 
- CIS and Caucasus new international bond issues

12:30-13:00 Coffee break

Among invited speakers: 

  • Sebastien Barbe, Head of EM Research and Strategy, Credit Agricole CIB
  • Marcelo Delmar, Managing director, BNP Paribas
  • Gunter Deuber, Head of CEE Research, Raiffeisen Bank
  • Rafael Garcia, Investment Advisor, VP & Portfolio Manager, National Bank Financial
  • Ricardo Gomez, Head Fixed Income Latam, Larrain Vial
  • Shahzad Hasan, Portfolio Manager, Allianz Global Investors
  • Stefan Kolek, Director, EEMEA Corporate Credit Strategist, UniCredit
  • Gustavo Neffa, Partner and Director, Research for Traders
  • Dmitri Petrov, EM Macro Trading desk strategy, Nomura International
  • David Saab, Managing Director, JP Morgan
  • Martin Tarpanov, Senior Fixed Income Dealer, Societe Generale Expressbank
  • Maxim Vydrine, Portfolio Manager, Amundi Asset Management
  • Qinwei Wang, Ecomonist, Global Asset Allocation Research, Pioneer Investments
  • Representatives of banks and issuers from Emerging Markets (including Asia, CEE, Latin America, CIS and Russia)

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