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ARMS Reliability Engineers

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ARMS Reliability Engineers are industry leaders in providing Asset Reliability Improvement Solutions across a wide range of industries. We combine leading edge RAMS Software with practical expert knowledge in application methods to bring solutions to our customers that deliver bottom line benefits.

We have a solid customer base of blue chip companies in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Asia / Pacific. In several cases global companies have recognised that ARMS Reliability Engineers provide world's best practice in RAMS modeling for new project evaluation as well as improving the performance of existing operations.

The combination of powerful software, simple methodology and practical training ensures maintainers and performance managers can be proactive in managing their assets, use data to identify variation and ensure their equipment delivers the required level of capacity whilst minimizing risks to the business.

Whether it’s a new project that is still being designed or an existing facility that is being improved, our simple to use Reliability techniques coupled with proven software and a powerful delivery approach, provide solutions so our clients operation can realise outstanding results.

ARMS Reliability Engineers provide complete solutions that enable client companies to:

  • Make better decisions to eliminate the root cause of failures
  • Implement optimum strategies to maintain equipment at:
    Reduced risk
    Minimum cost
    Maximum contribution to bottom line
  • Optimise system design to maximize:
    Plant production
    Ensure optimum balance of equipment reliability and maintainability
  • Identify hazards and find effective risk mitigation plans
  • Proactively, manage the lifecycle performance of equipment in order to:
    Maximize the contribution to the bottom line of the business
    Align other systems, practices and procedures, including Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, to achieve company goals and objectives


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