Blue Business Media Sp. z o.o. (BBM)

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Blue Business Media Sp. z o.o. (BBM) is a leading International business information specialist, working with the top companies and institutions in Poland. BBM provides this information via conferences, courses, workshops, seminars, managed events, Internet portals and off-line publications.

BBM is part of the Blue Business Circle network, a network of professional conference organizers in Poland, Romania, Russia, Cyprus, India, UK and the Netherlands.

Blue Business Media – is the ideal partner to help your company reach the right clients. Our company offers the unique opportunity of establishing and maintaining relationships with key representatives of the industry during the prestigious events we organise, and through specialised publications and portals. More demanding clients who require services tailored to their needs will also benefit from our experience.

We provide the following tailor-made services:

  • Managing events on behalf of your company in Poland and abroad (from preparing content materials to selecting speakers and organisation of the venue);
  • Mailing and e-mailing directed at leading companies in Poland and abroad;
  • Specialised market research and dynamics analysis in the main areas of your industry;
  • Searching for prospective clients and telesales;
  • Drawing up content materials for newsletters and company websites.


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