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Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

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With a membership network across 130 countries, the Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world’s largest organisation for professional marketers and plays a primary role in training, developing and representing the profession. Seen as the voice of Marketing that sets standards within the industry, it is also the first port of call for marketing information, knowledge and insight.

The Institute can trace its heritage back nearly a century to 1911 and has had a established presences in Ireland since the 1950s. The interest of professional members and regional programmes are managed by CIM Ireland, the recent board appointed by members in Northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland and includes leading business executives, marketing consultants and distinguished academics.

Professional marketers who are engaged in various CIM committees commit there time on a voluntary basis to promote the interest of the profession. The institute also maintains a regional office for Ireland bases in Belfast.

Meet the People

Professor David Carson FCIMProfessor David Carson FCIM:
President of CIM Ireland, Professor Carson is a distinguished marketing academic and author, and edits several Marketing Publications.

Charles FultonCharles Fulton MICM:
Chair of CIM Ireland. Charles Fulton has a broad based experience in marketing services in Ireland and is Managing Director of Fulton Advertising.

Michael MaguireMichael Maguire FCIM (Author):
Michael Maguire has a track record in Professional Marketing in Europe and the United States and is the Regional Director to CIM Ireland.

CIM Ireland Board

Joy Bond MCIM Marketing Manager, The Lyric Theatre

Lee Campbell MCIM Marketing Manager, Mivan,.

Brain Cochrane MCIM Operations Manager, Dara Creative.

Anne Doherty MCIM Managing Director, Happening.

John Edmund FCIM Marketing Consultant and Former CIM National Chair.

Colin O’Neill MCIM Managing Director Blue Skies. No Ties.

Dr Geoff Simmons MCIM Lectures for Dept of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, University if Ulster.


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