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The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc. (RACI)

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The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Incorporated [The RACI Inc], founded in January 1917, is both the qualifying body in Australia for professional chemists and a learned society promoting the science and practice of chemistry. The RACI became an incorporated body in 2000 and its management structure changed accordingly. The activities of the RACI are directed by its Board and Assembly. The implementation of the RACI's directions and policy and business activities are professionally managed by the National Office.

The RACI has over 6,000 members and was granted a Royal Charter in 1932. It is concerned with the teaching and practice of chemistry and with the application of chemistry in industry, academia and government authorities. Thus, it represents and caters for the professional needs of all chemists, providing various activities and services that encompass the profession of chemistry in Australia.

The RACI is committed to maintaining and improving the status of the profession of chemistry.

A National Convention is held every five years. The Divisions arrange national symposia in their own fields of interest between National Conventions. National Chemistry Week has been an annual event since 1982 with the National Chemistry Quiz involving more than 100,000 students from 1,300 schools in Australia and the neighbouring countries.

The RACI publishes its monthly magazine, "Chemistry in Australia", containing edited articles of a technical nature, information and news items about chemists, the chemical industry, science and industry policy, chemical industry awards, appointments and similar matters of interest to all professional chemists. It also includes reviews of new scientific books and computer software. In addition, Branches and Divisions frequently publish the proceedings of their conferences or symposia and newsletters. Special publications are also produced and are available to members.

Chemists who become members of The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc. are therefore kept closely in touch with social, academic and business matters of interest to members of the chemistry profession, and have regular opportunities to attend meetings, meet other chemists and keep abreast of technical developments in related fields of interest.

Some of the most exciting developments for chemists are taking place in fields overlapping other sciences. In its ongoing service to Australia, The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc. is concerned with developments in these new fields, as well as continuing education in chemistry, informed public awareness, effective employment and the quality of the environment. Submissions to Commonwealth and State authorities and International Relations are a significant part of the RACI's responsibilities. The Royal Australian Chemical Institute Inc. will continue to adapt itself to the changing needs of the chemical profession in the 21st century.


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