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Webit Ambassadors

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The Webit Ambassador Programme gathers together highly reputable professioanls with a profound knowledge, know-how and experience in the areas of Publishing, Digital marketing, advertising, sales, Social media and Public Relations in order to encourage the development of the digital industry of Central and Eastern Europe, endorsing and celebrating its effectiveness and creativity. Webit Ambassador is a title given to up to 4 reputable and well known industry professionals within a country of the CEE region with a very active position promoting the growth of their country's interactive advertising markets and the Central & Eastern European digital industry in general. The Webit Ambassadors are to promote and protect the interests of the digital industry and to demonstrate its value through research and education. The Webit Ambassador declares that shall dedicate personal time and resources to: 
  1. Promote the development the national and CE Europe's digital markets 
  2. Raise the public awareness about the digital industry issues 
  3. Actively participate in the process of benchmarking and development of digital industry of their countries in particular and in the CE Europe in general 
  4. Represent Webit among their networks and carry the industry event's messages out to the public. 
  5. Participate and endorse the education of the markets 

The Webit Ambassador is recognized: 
  1. As one of the most influential professionals in the Central and Eastern European digital landscape 
  2. Widely endorsed and promoted throughout Europe and rest of the world


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