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Worldwide Expert team is a group of professionals with many years of experience in government relations, research, business development, and conference and training production in all of the most demanding areas of modern economy.

Our business is global, but the primary area of our expertise is Europe, Russia and CIS countries, where we have competitive advantages such as a wide network of partners and clients, extensive knowledge of local markets' development specifics, years of experience in co-operation and collaboration with the local and international business community.

We provide services in the following areas:

Conferences and Training

The Worldwide Expert team will make sure that at our events you get to: listen to the best industry experts, meet the right people, get essential information and represent your company effectively in accordance with your marketing strategy and chosen status. Your business needs are our business needs and we will do our best in order to satisfy them according to your expectations

Research Projects

We operate as a think-tank, researching trends and monitoring developments in all major industry sectors in Developed and Emerging markets, with the aim of providing up-to-date and comprehensive information. We provide analysis, forecasts, expertise, sociological, psychological and marketing research in business, politics and international relations

Government Relations

Our team consists of experienced officials, best industry experts and analysts allowing us to cover all levels of Government Relation activities. We provide day-to-day monitoring with special attention to your sector's legislation and key decision-makers. Born communicators will lobby and manage information flows to affect policy shifts at your best interests and goals

Business Development

Success of your business is totally reliant on understanding your customers' needs and delivery of a demanded product or service in the most efficient way. Our Business Development Experts will be able to assess a business task, research your market, develop a bespoke and unique business model and propose an action plan in order to maximise your profit right away


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